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Corporate Social Responsibility events

under OHM Group Charity Division.

Food Baskets Aid to Penang School Bus Drivers at Penang Hill.

While the whole nation is in the midst battling the unprecedented pandemic, many things need to be and have done to save lives and livelihoods. As a consequence, many are suffering mentally and financially since the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic and our local school bus drivers are not exempted from this either since the closure of schools, often this group of people are being sidelined while the nation is more focused towards a larger group of people.


As part of the OHM Group Corporate Social Responsibility and also a proactive response to help cushion the impact of Covid-19 faced by this group of people, we have contributed staple food baskets worth RM100 each to atleast a total of 220 distressed bus drivers led by OHM Group Charity Division, Datin Ooi Seok Eng and Executive Director, Mr. Ong Soo Yong where they also handed over the aid to the recipients as a symbolic gesture in hope to alleviate their burden. 

CSR_ Food Aid to Bus Driver_thumbnail A.jpg

Drainage System Upgraded at Medan Batu Maung

Flash flood is the most devastating natural disaster experienced in Malaysia and Penang is escape to none. Each and every time after a heavy downpour, Medan Batu Maung, Penang is often hit by flash floods affecting to more than 100 residential units at the nearby surrounding area.


Taking this matter into the minds of OHM Group, its Executive Director, Mr. Ong Soo Yong initiated upgrading works of the drainage systems to a 100m long drain with 0.61m in depth totaling the cost of RM80,000.00 all fully funded by OHM Group as a step to mitigate the matter.

CSR_Drain Upgrade Batu Maung Dorm_thumbnail.jpg

Donation of Laptops for E-Learning

We are honored to donate 100 units laptops to Pusat Khidmat ADUN Batu Maung for the purpose of E-Learning as part of OHM Group CSR project. We hope by our contribution will help deserving students in their online learning.

CSR Laptop Thumbnail Photo.jpg

Air Itam Reconstruct Roundabout

We are honour to reconstruct Air Itam roundabout to give an uplift image to the area. The roundabout is strategically connecting to Penang Hill train station and Paya Terubong township.

IMG_4732 for web.jpg

Hamper Gift to Frontliners

In view of Labour Day and fighting Covid19 pandemic, we play our part in community by supporting and honoring our frontliner by giving out food supplies. 

IMG_0310 for web.jpg
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